Brief History

Intech Systems began operations in 1986, providing payphones and operator services to motels and truck stops. Clearly, hospitality applications are where Intech developed an approach to the market that was truly dynamic and creative. Intech's early focus was making telecom services a profit center for the hospitality industry.

With the decline of long distance and operator services, Intech is now focused on providing value and prompt service to telecommunications equipment, high speed internet, security cameras and more. In 2013, Intech endeavored to bring clear communications into your home and many other venues where a customer service person needs to communicate with a customer through the sale, installation, and certification of hearing loops and devices.

Mark Caster

Phone: 850.878.3000

Mark has more than 30 years experience in providing telecommunications services to the hospitality industry. One of the original founders of Intech, Mark is also Director of Sales.

Piyush Patel

Phone: 727.787.7897

Piyush oversees the Central Florida region of Intech. He has more than 30 years experience in both sales and technical aspects of the telecommunications field.


Doug Janecek

Vice President
Phone: 850.878.3000

Doug has considerable experience in the telecom field and currently oversees the North Florida region technical staff. Doug joined Intech in 1995 after retiring from the United States Air Force as a communications specialist.

Jesus Lopez

Regional Technical Manager
Phone: 727.787.7897

Jesus has been with Intech for over 20 years and currently oversees the Central Florida region technical staff. Jesus is our top qualified PBX/network specialist and is Mitel SX-200ICP Certified.